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Cork Vegan Leather

From the supplier's website, MM Cork Supply:  

"I import the cork you see here from a manufacturer in Portugal."

"Cork is an ecofriendly alternative to leather that is natural, sustainable, vegan, and PETA certified. The cork bark is peeled from the tree by skilled labourmen without harming the tree. The same tree can be reharvested every 9 years for up to 300! Cork leather is as strong as it's animal counterpart, water resistant and has naturally occurring antibacterial & antimildew properties."

"The cork I carry has been treated to be stain resistant (Scotch Guard) and has had a UV treatment and an abrasion treatment. They have been tested in external labs for abrasion (martindale test), UV resistance, Vamp Flex, and Ignition (fire)."

"It can be wiped clean with a soft cloth and weak soapy solution."

This Cork fabric is soft, supple, strong, vegan, eco-friendly, sustainable, water resistant, durable, antimicrobial and hypoallergenic.

Looking for a custom Handbag or accessory?  Here are a few choices to start.  Colours and prints shown can be used alone or matched up with another colour or print.  More colours and prints are available from the supplier!

Navy Blue and Magic Garden

Army Green and Hibiscus 

Chocolate Brown and Botanics

Watercolour Floral

Denim Blue

Scarlet Red


Rose Garden


- images from the supplier, MM Cork Supply