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New Shop Hours!

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Where did September go?

I hope it was lovely for you!  It was quite busy for me!

There have been some major changes in my life and some unforeseen delays, but the result, in the end, is Good News!

First bit of news ... I quit my full time day job, leaving behind some wonderful co-workers and lawyers.  I was given a delightful send-off with some marvelous gifts.  One gift, which might possibly be of great interest to you, is this double sided vintage sewing pattern sheet.  It's dated  "Avril 1890" and it's written entirely in French.  Perhaps one of my French speaking followers can translate more than I can, but when I look at it I see something similar to those Burda patterns that have a multitude of sizes, marked with different line styles.  On this vintage pattern I can see SEVEN different line styles for 7 different garments, one being a baby's jacket.  It's a beautiful gift and I hope to find some kind of frame for it so I can display both sides properly.

Here are some photos of the various garments depicted on my vintage pattern sheet ...


The second bit of news - I have taken another part time job with another law firm, working only three days a week ... I consider myself semi-retired!

The third and best bit of news - I'm semi-retired!!!!! I am now able to spend more time sewing and designing patterns.  My draft sewing pattern for my Lányos Rosie Bag sat idle for almost the whole month of September.  I now have the time to pick it up and dust it off and I am almost ready to send it off to my Pattern Testers.  I apologize to those who were asking what happened to my Rosie Bag pattern.  :( 

I am overjoyed to be able to increase my Lányos Handmade shop hours as follows:
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday:  6:00 pm to 9:00 pm
Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday:  8:00 am to 9:00 pm

If you have any questions regarding Lányos Handmade sewing patterns, or perhaps require some additional "how-to" information, or if you have any questions regarding Lányos Handmade products, just contact me!  Send me an email, a message, let's talk!

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  • Rose on

    Congrats on the semi-retirement, now you can work harder at what you really like doing. Looking forward to seeing all sorts of new purses/patterns on your site.

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